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Stay At Home VR

Stay at Home is a VR Action Adventure Game set in the 1980s.The player has to dig himself in a wooden cabin in order to survive the apocalypse. He has to nail up and repair the house to keep the monsters away.Meanwhile the player can leave the cabin anytime to collect weapons, ammo and loot. But at night this is quite dangerous.

The environment can be freely explored. Thereby you can switch seamlessly between 1st person and 3rd person. So even when you prone to motion sickness you can explore the world without teleporting or breaking the immersion.

Prepare to survive. The army of the night is coming.


  • survival adventure gameplay in vr
  • innovative locomotion system (seamless transition between 1st person and 3rd person)
  • dense epic imersive VR atmosphere
  • entertaining arcade style fighting system
  • completely destroyable environment
  • crafting system
  • classic adventure puzzles


Stay at Home Video Game by Endzeit



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